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January 1, 2011
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Canon EOS 1000D
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Dec 31, 2010, 4:44:19 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh)
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Barbelo by GothicNarcissus Barbelo by GothicNarcissus
Open your eyes and see
She’s only a chimera to thee,
The celestial thought is only in your mind:
This feminine person is an atrocious kind.

This doomed empress is waiting for you
To perish anytime soon.

[ Empress – Nemesea ]

Her Majesty Queen Barbelo is the spouse of Emperor Lucifer and thus the First Lady of Hell. Being the Demon of Wrath, she’s part of the elite of the First-Level Seven Satans as the Queen of Darkness, and has also full control over one of the four Elements, Fire. She was the first female being ever created by God, and the fourth Angel overall after Emperor Lucifer, Great Angel Michael and Prince Abaddon. Thanks to her mighty powers and bellicose nature, she quickly became the Second-in-Command of Powers, gaining her spotlight in the Heavenly Army and much respect from her soldiers. Yet, she decided to follow Emperor Lucifer in the Great Heavenly War because of Yahweh’s attempt of deprive her of her powers in his quest to reduce the political influence of female Angels in Heaven. Her being the first and supreme female principle is what led Emperor Lucifer to make her his official bride after her fall, even though they openly cheat on each other – for instance, rumor has it that Duke Xaphan from the Fourth Level is the Queen’s Favourite.
Queen Barbelo shares a relationship in-between deep friendship and rivalry with Princess Lilith and Duchess Astarte, all of them representing one of the fundamental principles of femininity: while Duchess Astarte represents the (twisted) holiness of a woman with a share over fertility, and Princess Lilith epitomizes the most wayward, pure and instinctual side of femininity, Queen Barbelo embodies the very essence of the creative and destructive principle of womanhood, both in a positive and a negative manner. For instance, it was her idea to use a woman, Eve, to lure the then newborn mankind to Sin through the Tree of Knowledge Plot, thus ending Yahweh’s absolute power over the Earth and opening a way for Evil to spread in the world. This episode started her deep and long-lasting friendship with Marquis Leviathan, with whom she often works closely, like in the First Murder Plot, when the two of them combined the influence of their sins to induce Cain to kill Abel.
Indeed, her destructive side manifests better through her Sin, which makes her temper rather unstable: she becomes very sadist at times, and greately enjoys the sight, scent and taste of blood. That’s why she masters Fire, a destroying force which leaves behind ashes and ruins, but which also renews things. As Babylon the Great, she will lead the Seven Satans and their troops during the Armageddon in order to bring corruption among mankind through their Seven Deadly Sins.

I'd like to wish you all a happy 2011, and what better way to begin the new year than a new work of the Infernal Lords series? So here's Barbelo, as a wish that your new year is as much inspired as my own seems to be from the beginning. If you want to know how I came up with this character, go to my blog and read Barbelo: Development and Symbolism, I really recommend that you do.

Photo, concept, manipulation, frame design: Me
Model, hair, make up: Federica
Styling: Federica and Me
Assistant: *DamaInNero
Additional resources: ~Myruso (wallpaper), (throne, wings)
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Dhump312 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Quick question isn't the demon of wraith actually Amon? Or am I wrong?
GothicNarcissus Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Yeah, it is, but I chose not to follow that versione for several reason I have explained here. :)
Dhump312 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh I can't believe i missed that, sorry. Also I really like your portrayals, they're very eyecatching.
GothicNarcissus Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Nevermind. :) I've written posts like that for each Demon if you're interested, you can read them by selecting the "Infernal Lords" label. ;)
Xlavok Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012
"opening the way for Evil to spread in the world. "

Actually God himself is a petty, immature, jealous, homophobic, xenophobic, murderous, and genocidal asshole who is much worse than the demons themselves (actually "Evil" is actually a another word to demonize freedom..."Good & Evil" doesn't exist) but I just don't understand Christianity/Abrahamic mythology which is so fucked up beyond belief.

Actually it should be the demons that should logically represent humanities best interests hence "sin" actually means freedom (also it's God himself that throws people into hell because they didn't follow his rigid rules and it should be the demons that saves them from their eternal torment and turns them into demons that embodies their sins...which for example a person/soul who has the lust sin turns into a succubus/incubus although their still the same person but they embody that sin).
GothicNarcissus Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Well. Provided that I do not believe in any of this and consider it all just really fascinating mythology, I agree with what you say. My opinion abour Abrahmic mythology is that "Good" and "Evil" are nothing more than two opposed factions with no actual moral value. They just fight each other for power and mankind is caught in the middle, it's their battlefield. YHWH (I'd rather call him that way than "God") is currently the overlord and his propaganda states that Lucifer and his court are "the Evil", that's it, but is that the truth? You'll find countless Demons that give men knowledge and skills, but in the end death, disease and that kind of stuff are brought along by YHWH.
Anyway, you may read more about my idea about this subject here, in the presentation of the Infernal Lords project, if you're curious. :)
Xlavok Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
Anyway....while I may made some Pre-Judgements about your world based on default christian beliefs, where do human souls go after they die in your world anyway? If they actually go to heaven & hell, do the demons actually save them from their eternal torment? Or if human souls actually go somewhere else (well have you played Wraith: the Oblivion by White Wolf?) and heaven is actually just a fortress while hell is actually a prison for Fallen Angles (have you played White Wolf's Demon: The Fallen?)?

Also are Fallen/Demons benevolent towards humans and even in the afterlife if humans actually go to heaven & hell in your world? Well point is (if humans actually do go to heaven & hell in your world) why couldn't Lucifer make Hell a paradise for people to indulging in their own sins (and as well joining the rebellion against YHWH after suffering injustice) rather than a place of eternal suffering? I guess it's possible for 'damned' human souls to join hell's armies (and they turn into demons)? I think the grotesque depictions/monstrous depictions of demons are actually mistaken for certain damned souls turned demons who embody the wrath/violence/gluttony sins (or is it possible for human demons to embody different sins?).
GothicNarcissus Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, it basically depends on which side they chose during life, so yeah, basically Heaven of Hell. But as you said, it's not like Demons really punish them, they just recruit them for Hell's Army (as Heaven does). You know, one of the greatest contradictions in Christian religion is: if Lucifer and his minions are YHWH's enemy, then why should they punish those who choose their side? It doesn't make sense that they're rebels yet carry out some kind of duty on behalf of God eternally inflicting pain to their supporters.
Anyways, dead mortals are still considered kind of b-citizens in both kingdoms. Not enslaved or anything like that, but they don't actually merge with the angel-born part of the population (not even with lesser Demons or Angels). They're pretty much soldiers.
I still don't know what happens to "neutral" people, have to think about that. XD

You know, I've started wondering about this kind of things, and this gave me a wider context for this project. I'm considering writing a story about this, in which these aspects are better explored. I've got ideas for a general plot, including what Lucifer's reasons for the Riot were in the first place, but have to decide what happens in between. XD
Xlavok Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
"if Lucifer and his minions are YHWH's enemy, then why should they punish those who choose their side?"

I agree this is the part that throws me off the most about Christianity.

Also...As for the demons forms...I think the photos your doing are their true forms while the grotesque/horrific appearances are their combat forms or forms they take when enter the physical world due to mortal expectations (well I just thought they can keep both forms).

Oh what about the other gods/goddesses from other mythologies in this world? I think in the past they used to exist but maybe a new twist to the demonization of the gods/goddesses, maybe once Abrahamic faiths grew, God's armies basically conquered the other mythologies and casted them into hell and thus they became arch-demons. Basically today in the modern world Christianity/Abrahamic mythology is the only "true" mythology because all the other ones were concurred and thrown into Hell. How do you like that idea? Well have you seen the All Myths are True trope: [link]
GothicNarcissus Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Actually, I think the grotesque appearence is just YHWH's propaganda. You know, to discourage evoking them and stuff like that. Principalities must have to do with this. =P

Mmh... I can't tell about this part without spoiling too much, bu now. Sorry! XD
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