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The unity of synchro-minds stratches over a thousand miles.

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The only excuse for making a useless thing is to admire it intensely.
All art is quite useless.

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Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital. When critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself.

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Hi dearies! I hope you're doing fine! :heart:

So, I've been working on this for quite some time, now, and I think I have covered pretty much everything. There are some questions I am frequently asked in comments, notes and stuff, so I decided to round 'em up and answer them at once. There we go!

Q: Why don't you do (many) gothic works anymore?
A: Well, basically because I already did. I did gothic works mainly as a model from 2006 to 2009, and then mainly as a photographer from 2009 to 2011, which is a good five years, so I got bored and felt like moving on and broadening my horizon. I still get inspiration from gothic music and imagery so it's not like I'm ruling that out, but I dilute it with my many other influences so the outcome is less extreme and stereotypical.

Q: Why do you grow a beard and don't make up your eyes anymore?
A: For the same reason as above: I felt like changing my look a bit. Beard is all the rage now, plus I'm quite lazy and I regularly end up cutting myself when I shave, so I'm glad to just trim it with an electric razor. And whatever you may think, looking like a chick is quite a disaster in a boy's everyday life. On the other hand, I rarely, if ever, pose without make up. I just use natural tones and very smoky eyeshadows now, unless I need to achieve a darker look for some purpose. I'm quite past heavy shadows for gothness' sake.

Q: You don't write much on your journal, nor to your watchers.
A: I prefer posting quick updates via Facebook and write longer and more detailed posts on Blogspot than updating my journal here for minor things or writing overly long comments to my deviations. I also try to get back as much as I can (if you comment you can be 90% sure I'll reply), but thanking each and every one who faves my works is impossible. I try to send llamas instead. But this does not mean I'm not grateful for your support, I always appreciate it and it means the world do me!

Q: Can I draw you or any of your photos?
A: Yes you can, as long as you link back to the reference photo you used. And please, send me a link so I can see your work: I love seeing what you come up with!

Q: Can I use your photos as stock material?
A: No you can't, unless you write me a note so we can discuss that. I am telling you straightaway that I won't lend any photo from one of my long-term projects (Infernal Lords, The Zodiacs, Inspiration Hurts, Artpop Generation, Weather Systems and so on), because each of those works is part of a cohesive series and it would feel strange to see them used otherwise. Besides, I do provide some stock, but that's only what I submit on my (long neglected) stock account, GothicNarcissusStock: I know it's not much, but try and see something on there.

Q: Do I need to follow each of your profiles to get the complete picture of what you're doing?
A: Not necessarily. DeviantART is still my primary exposition space and I always publish my photos here first. I will keep doing so because it's the best website to publish high-quality images on (while Facebook sucks badly on that matter). So, if you only want to see all of my published photos, deviantART is enough. Other profiles serve different purposes: Blogspot gives detailed insight on the works, Facebook is for more everyday stuff, backstage pics, memes and funny stuff like that, is for fun and stalking me, Tumblr is for promotion and so on.

Q: Can I reblog your works on Tumblr?
A: Hell to the yes! Go fot it, I'd be very grateful. Just please remember to link back to the source and put the #GothicNarcissus hashtag in it, so people can find me. You can also reblog my works directly from my own exposition Tumblr.

Q: Why do you keep advertising your Facebook and Tumblr pages? Are you turning into an attention whore?
A: Because photography is expensive and if I can make a bit extra money out of it, at least to cover up the costs, that would be great. Facebook and Tumblr are much more valuable instruments in finding paid work than deviantART, so I try to spread the word as much as I can on there too. Of course, I need as much help as I can get, that's why you following me there and spreading the word is important for me.

Q: What about your Infernal Lords? Are you going to finish the project? Are you going to do Lucifer?
A: Yes, I am definitely going to finish the project, eventually. I admit things have slowed down severely in the past two years, but it depended on me getting stuck for very long on particular works, or being unable to organise things for further shootings. A big deal of it also depends on people I absolutely want to shoot with having problems in scheduling a shooting, but now that I'm so close to the completion of the project I'm going to pressure the hell out of them. I am definitely going to do Lucifer, too, as soon as I find a model who does really suit him. He must be perfect.

Q: How accurate are you when writing the "biographies" of your Demons?
A: Quite a lot, but not entirely. Let's just say I try to base as much as I can on their traditional renditions because otherwise it wouldn't be fun, but I totally regard them as my own characters when it comes to friendships, relationships and temper. For instance, let's analyse my latest addition, Naamah: she is the mother of divination, she is a succubus, she is a fallen angel, she does feed on nightmares and she is connected to Lilith according to the "official sources", but by no means do they mention her being her sister, a former Archangel rather than any other Choir or friends with Astaroth, Decarabia or Azazel. That's part on my own characterisation, which completes what I base on the traditional sources.

Q: Are you a satanist? Do you really know all the demons you portray? Do you believe in them? Can you teach me? Don't you think it's offensive to christians like me?
A: No. I am an atheist and I do not believe in any of that stuff. To me it's just very fascinating mythology, which I take and twist in my own way, no more, no less. I have nothing to teach satanists because to me it's pure fiction, and I don't give a damn about offending christians, either, because while people do need respect, ideologies don't. If you identify with an ideology more than with your being a person, then sorry, it's not my problem.

Q: You were writing a vampire novel: what has become of that?
A: It is currently shelved. I am definitely off the mood of writing anything any close to romance, plus I feel it is somewhat naive and needs a good plot and character revision (like, the umpteenth). When I feel like trying to turn it into an adult work, I will reopen that folder.

Q: You mentioned kind of writing something about your demons, too.
A: Yes I did, and I am working on that. Slowly, but I am. I'm pinning down some ideas that I have and trying to develop them, but it's all rather sketchy and chaotic by now. The problem is, I have sketched out what's going to happen in the second half of my storyline and need to create a first half that doesn't feel like a filler. And working with so many characters at once is kind of complicated. I am writing it in Italian, too, and while I plan to eventually translate what I write into English, that will take time, so don't count on in in the immediate future.

Q: Do you have a private profile on Facebook?
A: I do, but I'm very strict at accepting friendship requests. I only accept people I know or could work with. My public page is quite enough for the updates, and I read private messages both there and here if you need it. Also, on my private profile I'm an insufferable troll and I tend to post a bunch of insensitive stuff about, basically, anything, which is bound to offend you at some point. So it's not worth the trouble anyway.

Q: Are you a metalhead/goth/insertsubculturehere? Why do you call yourself a metalhead or a goth if you like mainstream things?
A: No, I'm not a metalhead/goth/insertsubculturehere. Yes, I do like a lot of things which include metal, gothic culture, pop culture, "mainstream" music and art and so on. I've long since outgrown such labels, I don't feel I should choose between diverse things to fit into a particular stereotype, I don't think taking a subculture and mixing it with other things makes me a traitor or a poser, because that's ridicule. I consider myself a reasonably eclectic artist (and person) with, of course, a gothic background (yeah, I chose my nickname at seventeen).

Q: Will you date me?
A: Only if we know each other well enough in the first place, at very least from a long and exhaustive correspondence. Distance might get in the way, too.
No, okay, this is kind of a joke: I have dated a few fellow deviants, but all within train reach and after a long friendship, so I wouldn't really count on it.

Q: What inspires you at the moment?
A: Here you go: on my other Tumblr you can see anything that's inspirational to me at the moment. That, and several fashion magazines.

So well, that's pretty much all. I hope I've been quite exhaustive and not too bitchy, and that you might find it interestin.
Lots of love and thank you all for everything!

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