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Male nude pics from Italy
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Into a different kind of view, not meant for human eyes,
Everything’s dark and fades away: this moment just opened my eyes.

[ Theatre of Tragedy ]


Anybody who's tried to shoot during a gig knows how difficult it is to handle quick-moving subjects with everchanging lights and, of co...

The photo works quite well in expressing the concept, although the presence of well discernable anthropic objects (the flags and the fo...

Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital. When critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself.

[ Oscar Wilde ]
Hi dearies! How are you doing? :heart:

So, I’ve been absent for a while and oh my gosh, I came back to find I got a Daily Deviation in the meantime! I want to thank LukasFractalizator and pullingcandy for suggesting and featuring it, as well as everyone who congratulated me on that. I apologise for not thanking you all sooner: I just couldn’t log into dA for weeks and read the notifications. I’m sorry if I came off as ungrateful – that’s definitely not the case, I’m immensely heart warmed by your support! I just wasn’t here to see it before, and to be honest even though the DD made a wonderful welcome-back surprise!

That said, I notice my last journal update from last year was a kind of dramatic; since I’m nowhere near the meltdown I was having then, I’d say it’s time to write something more cheerful and useful, so here are the F.A.Q.s reloaded and updated. Here we go!

Q: Have you or have you not left deviantArt?
A: Yes and no. If by leaving you mean clearing off my gallery, not uploading anything anymore and not logging in ever again, then no, I haven’t left. To clarify, I have some time management issues, so it may take time before I log in for more than uploading some new stuff; and even then, first I go and see other people’s artworks and then, eventually, go through my inbox. There might be moments when I’m more active, or it might take very long before I reply to comments and private messages: that’s totally unpredictable.
I keep in touch on a more daily basis on Facebook which, on the other hand, sucks at photo quality. So my personal work is still getting published on deviantArt to provide a higher quality version for those who want to see it, but Facebook is my main social focus because it’s quicker to handle on a daily basis.

Q: What about your cosplay photography? Why don’t you upload it here too?
A: That’s more of a practical choice than a matter of putting exclusive content on Facebook. Cosplay photography is currently my main gig, money-wise: I usually work with fairly large groups and take big amounts of pictures; as I feel uncomfortable choosing whom to publish and whom not to, it would result in some serious overspamming here. Also, on Facebook the cosplayers are able to tag themselves in the photos, share them, use them and spam them around more easily. All in all, I decided to only post photos which I think have some particular artistic value on here, while the others are on Facebook at disposal of the cosplayers.

Q: Where do you take the poems you write in the artist’s comment?
A: They rarely are poems, most often song lyrics. I always credit them in a smaller font as [ Song title – Artist ] if you’re curious about them. I recommend that you look them up on YouTube or Spotify because in my opinion they’re all beautiful!

Q: Why did you cut your hair?
A: Short answer: it grew long and I grew bored. Long answer: here.

Q: Why don’t you do (many) gothic works anymore?
A: Because I don’t like forcing things: if murky aesthetics fit the mood and concept of the work, then it’s going to be gothic; otherwise, it’s going to be something else. I don’t feel the need to fit all of my works into a particular kind of look, I just go for whatever aesthetics enhance each single piece, without forbidding myself to go back to my roots.

Q: Which are your other online profiles? Do I need to follow each of them to get the complete picture of what you’re doing?
A: I have many online public profiles and each one serves a different purpose. As I mentioned above, deviantArt has sort of become my high quality backup gallery, while I do all the social stuff on Facebook. Then we have:
Blogspot, where I write my longer and more insightful artist’s comments for those who are interested. I provide detailed commentary about each work from my long-term projects, including conception, symbolism interpretation and a bit of photoshoot diary, and I occasionally do so for other meaningful works as well.
Instagram: Here I share random everyday stuff, as well as small teasers and backstage shots of what is going to come next.
Tumblr: It’s mostly for self-promotion, as well as to provide free access to uncensored versions of any artistic nude photos I might shoot. If you wish to reblog some of my works, you’ll find many up there.
Tumblr #2: This is my inspiration pinboard. Here you’ll find whatever image, song or text gives me inspiration. It’s basically my collection of favourite art outside of deviantArt and, as I always credit the authors (unless I can’t figure them out), you may find a bunch of interesting artists to look up.
Twitter: I mainly use it to stalk celebrities, but I might be posting stuff from time to time. It’s connected to my Facebook page and has a widget here on deviantART, so you won’t be missing much anyways. The music I’m currently listening to. As you may know, music is one of my main inspirations, so it often hints at what I might be up to next.
• I have some strictly professional profiles such as ModelMayhem #1 and ModelMayhem #2, respectively as a photographer and as a model; ModelShoot #1 and ModelShoot #2, same as above (just Italian-scale and therefore much more depressing), and a long-neglected CarbonMade as a model.

Q: Can I reblog your works on Tumblr even if they are not on your own blog?
A: Hell yes, go for it! I’d be very grateful. Just please remember to link back to the source and put the GothicNarcissus or Alessandro Narcissus hashtag in it, so people can find me. Your help is very precious!

Q: Can I draw you or any of your photos?
A: Yes, you can! As long as you link back to the reference photo you used. And please, send me a link so I can see your work: I love seeing what you come up with!

Q: Can I use your photos as stock material for photomanipulations?
A: No, you can’t, unless you write me a note first so we can discuss that. I am telling you straightaway that I won’t lend any photo from one of my long-term projects (Infernal Lords, The Zodiacs, Inspiration Hurts, The Disappearance Of The Girl, Morphine, Artpop Generation, Weather Systems and so on), because each of those works is part of a cohesive series and it would feel strange to see them used otherwise. Please, respect the meaning those photos have for me. Besides, I do provide some stock, but that’s only what I submit on my (long neglected) stock account, GothicNarcissusStock: I know it’s not much, but try and see something on there. Or just ask me for some stock if you need it!

Q: What about your Infernal Lords? Are you going to finish the project? Are you going to do Lucifer?
A: Yes, I am definitely going to finish the project and I have recently recast the penultimate Lord. I am definitely going to do Lucifer, too. I just need to ask the model (which is the scary part) and have a few customised props crafted: when everything is perfect, I’ll shoot the two remaining Lords.

Q: Are you a satanist? Do you really know all the demons you portray? Do you believe in them? Can you teach me? Don’t you think it’s offensive to christians like me?
A: No. I am an atheist and I do not believe in any of that stuff. To me it’s just very fascinating mythology, which I take and twist my own way, no more, no less. I’m going to address this matter on a specifically Infernal-Lords-related FAQ post on my blog, eventually.

Q: What happened to your band?
A: We are on hiatus due to personal, non-musical business, with no plans to play again in the near future. I’m working on some stuff on my own, but have no plans to turn it into anything serious any soon. I have like two possible albums sketched out in terms of lyrical content concepts and even arrangements, but I can’t come up with any decent melodies. Guess I don’t try hard enough.

Q: Do you have a private profile on Facebook?
A: I do, but I’m very strict at accepting friendship requests. I only accept people I either know personally or could work with. My public page is quite enough for updates and private messages exchange. Also, I’ve noticed several time that once people try to get more personal, they drop any pretence of giving a damn about my art, which is kind of a let down. Last but not least, on my private profile I’m an insufferable troll and I tend to post a bunch of insensitive stuff about, basically, anything, which is bound to offend you at some point: trust me, it’s not worth the trouble.

Q: Are you a metalhead / goth / part of any subculture? Why do you call yourself a metalhead or a goth if you like mainstream things?
A: No, I’m not a metalhead, goth, or part of any other subculture. Not anymore, at least. And yes, I do like a lot of things which include metal, gothic culture, pop culture, “mainstream” music and art and so on. I’ve long since outgrown such labels and none of them represent me anymore: I don’t feel I should choose between diverse things to fit into a particular stereotype, nor do I think taking a subculture and mixing it with other things makes me a traitor or a poser. I might listen to Nineties doom metal while I read Vogue if I want to, so what? I consider myself a reasonably eclectic artist (and person) with, of course, a gothic background. And I chose my nickname at seventeen, which is why it’s like that.

Q: Will you date me?
A: Only if we know each other well enough in the first place, at very least from a long and exhaustive correspondence. Distance might get in the way, too.
No, okay, this is actually a joke: I have dated a few fellow deviants, but all within train reach and after a long friendship – and it was more of a friendship with benefits anyway – so I wouldn’t really count on that.

And that’s pretty much all. I hope I’ve been quite exhaustive and not too bitchy!
Lots of love and thank you all for everything!

  • Listening to: Something Funny – Carice Van Houten
  • Reading: The Black Dahlia – James Ellroy
  • Watching: Stranger Things
  • Playing: Pokémon Go
  • Eating: Belarusian treats
  • Drinking: Birch juice


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As a distant Dream I hover
Call all Stars to fall for cover.

[ Delain ]

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